Food Trucks Run For Shelter: Frysmith Joining Hollywood’s Loaded

FrySmith Food Truck's "Meat Pile"

By: Hadley Tomicki |

FrySmith Food Truck's "Meat Pile"

As we’ve noted numerous times before, the road is rocky for a lot of operators who jumped aboard the speeding runners of L.A.’s food truck trend, what with Tom LaBonge beating out pro-trucker Stephen Box for City-Council, occasional mechanical failures, letter-grading, ravenous canines who want in on the trend, ongoing shuffles from food truck courts to busted food truck festivals, brick-and-mortar enemies, clumsy propaganda, corporate competition, televised conspiracies, fake-ass North Korean competitors, orgy scenes, faux gangsta trucks, real-life truck-jackings, and the random instances of throwing in the towel completely. This could be why we’re seeing more food trucks who have made a name for themselves start to head indoors.

For example, Flying Pig, Komodo, and Cafe con Leche are all going brick and mortar these days while BreadBar is embracing notable food truck chefs by BreadBar’s Hatchi TruckStop series. Now Frysmith, who boast one of the more praised mobile menus in town, are setting up a less transitory station.

This french fry maker and poutine producer is bringing its wares to the Hollywood bar Loaded this Friday, Squid Ink reports, where it will have its full menu served seven days a week. The bar itself will also add a “loaded” topping option for any of its fries, meaning you can get the truck’s unique toppings on your spuds like bacon and sour cream.

With Frysmith putting its signature eats into a bar, it reminds us that these things do come full circle, as many of the city’s less patient eaters got their first bite of Roy Choi’s short-rib tacos at Alibi Room before they summoned the strength to wait for them at the Kogi Truck. One thing’s for sure, truck food has always been missing the booze that makes you want to eat street meat in the first place, so hopefully, these partnerships provide the perfect match for all parties involved.