Fort Collins, CO: Food Trucks to Replace LSC Food Court

By Taylor Pettaway  | The Rocky Mountain Collegian


Although the food court in the Lory Student Center will be closed during renovations, students won’t be left hungry on campus.

To replace the food court, Lory Dining Services will relocate some businesses, but the rest will be replaced with food trucks parked on campus.

“It is important to provide alternative eating locations,” said Joyce Durol, associate director of Lory Dining Services. “That’s what started the food truck idea. They wanted to come on before so we were all excited. This gives additional food options because we are severely affected by the renovations.”

So far, there are five trucks participating that offer a variety of cuisines including hot dogs, hamburgers, soft-serve frozen fruit, Asian-fused meals, Italian sandwiches and breakfast dishes.

“We initially made contact with two trucks, and word got out (about what we were doing) and that is how we got to five,” Durol said. “(The food trucks) are like a subculture, so they will work to offer different things. It won’t be your average lunch fare.”

The trucks will be parked on South Pitkin Street in the Education Building’s parking lot. According to Durol, the Dining Services is working on getting tables and chairs to the parking lot to create a nice environment for the students to eat in.

One of the important factors with the food trucks is that they can operate separate of the university.

“What I like is that they are small entities,” Durol said. “they all are self contained units; they just pull up, work their day, and leave later because they will have obligations in Fort Collins.”

All of the food trucks that will come on campus currently operate around the Fort Collins community, but they are not in a permenant spot. Once at CSU, the trucks will be committed to a set Monday through Friday schedule.

As of now they will only accept credit, debit and cash. However, Dining Services is working on tapping into the university network to allow the trucks to take RamCash, said Durol.

Though the food court is closed, not all resturants will be shut down.

Subway and Spoons will both be down-sized to kiosks in Clark A.

For Spoons, they will be going from seven employees to only two or three. According to Spoons employee Rebecca Carleson, those who work there are not excited about the downsize, but they will be able to work at another Spoons location.

“(This move) will probably cut business in half, maybe a quarter,” Carleson said. “We are hoping that won’t happen, but we are also preparing that it will.”

“I feel like everything will pan out, but until then I am nervous,” added Carleson.

Bagel Place 2 will be one of the restaurants to stay open in the LSC. Due to the renovations, BP2 will be taking in the employees from Bagel Place 1, as well as expanding their hours.

“I think we wil have a lot more business because we will be next to the temporary RamSkeller, so we will have more traffic and people will know we are here,” Bree Ziola, a BP2 employee said. “I am definitely glad that BP2 is staying open. I love working there and I am glad I get to meet more people who work there.”

Once the student center is finished being renovated, the food trucks will be replaced with the food court inside the LSC.

“(The food truck owners) are extremely excited, and they know that (they will stay on campus) only a year,” Durol said. “But they are hoping they can get some loyalty customers from the process.”