Fort Collins, CO: Human Bean Coffee Truck opens shop on campus

By Madison Brandt  | The Collegian

A red ribbon is cut during the offical opening of the new HUman Bean
coffee truck on the CSU campus. The truck will be locted
on the southwest corner of Moby near Sheilds and Elizabeth.
(Photo Credit: Madison Brandt).

A Human Bean on wheels will now be caffeinating Rams across campus.

Structured to look like one of the other six Human Bean coffee shops in Fort Collins, this truck is unique in its ability to transform from a weekday campus coffee shop to a weekend sports event coffee cruiser.

The Human Bean coffee truck will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday on the southwest side of Moby Arena at South Shields Street and West Elizabeth Street. It can also be found at Colorado State University and community sports events on the weekends.

The truck is decked out with solar panels, a TV streaming CSU sports events and a California Clean Idle certification. The clean idle certification means the food truck is constructed to produce less diesel pollution than other standard diesel trucks, according to Jenae Nequette, director of operations for the Human Bean.

The truck was constructed and designed by local companies Super Vac and Custom Cart Solutions.

What makes the Human Bean coffee truck unique is its NSF International certification . This certification is a first for food trucks in America, according to Frank Sherman, owner of the truck.

NSF is a restaurant product testing, inspection and certification organization based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Holding the NSF certification for the Human Bean truck is something Sherman said he felt was necessary in order to be the most honest and community-friendly truck around.

Since its opening, the Human Bean coffee shop has been involved in various community fundraisers.

“Fort Collins is a very philanthropic community, which is really great, but sometimes there is a lot the community does that gets overlooked,” Nequette said. “It is an exciting opportunity for (the Human Bean) to help draw our customers’ attention to those things.”

Frank Sherman delivers a speech about the new Human Bean coffee
truck on the CSU campus. The Human Bean coffee truck
is complete with solar panels, digital TV, an eco-friendly
thumb print and an NSF certification.

Over the past year, the Human Bean helped raise $37,000 for various cancer-related local fundraisers, according to Sherman.

The Human Bean has been the coffee shop sponsor of CSU athletics for three years, and the introduction of the truck to the CSU campus was a step toward becoming even more involved.

“We want to be more ‘real’ to the CSU students,” Nequette said. “By being on campus, we will be far more connected to the student community.”

Nequette said the Human Bean hopes to become more involved with CSU-related student fundraisers and events through its presence on campus.

The truck currently employs CSU students and has planned fundraiser events for the upcoming weeks.

“We are proud of this new truck, first ever in the world, proud of working with local communities and especially proud of our corporate partnership with CSU,” Sherman said during his speech at the opening ceremony Monday.

To find out more about the Human Bean, visit its website or stop by the new stand to grab a coffee and a signature chocolate-covered espresso bean.