Fresno, CA: Food Truck Owner Feels Trickle Down From Government Shut Down

via flickr , PhantomPhan1974 Photography

By Rich Rodriguez  |   The KMPH

via flickr , PhantomPhan1974 Photography
via flickr, PhantomPhan1974 Photography

Fresno food trucks operators say they are being impacted by the federal government shut down.  One truck owner says it’s definitely slicing into his business. 

Food truck owners start early in the morning and usually call it a day by mid afternoon.  During their shift they make a living serving workers breakfast and lunch.   But due to the four day old federal shutdown, operators are seeing less customers at their counter.

Dicran Utuchian makes 13 to 14 stops a day to help satisfy hungry stomachs.  But since Tuesday stops to the Army National Guard, the Social Security Office and other federal buildings are a waste of time.  “It takes about twenty percent of what we do a day.”

Utuchian has been serving meals and snacks to a few hundred employees daily for the past twenty years.  The absence of the furloughed federal employees is definitely cutting into his profit margin.  “We’re keeping an eye and we’re praying for everybody that’s working there, because we know their families also like we do.   When something like that happens it kind of throws the whole balance and you got to juggle this around.”

For the sake of his friends who work for Uncle Sam and his own bottom line, Dicran Utuchian hopes the government shutdown last days and not weeks.