Fullerton, CA: Titans Get Gourmet on the Go

Robert Huskey / Daily Titan

By Sima Sarraf | DailyTitan.com

Robert Huskey / Daily Titan
Robert Huskey / Daily Titan

Food trucks were once a thing of grime and grease, but that’s no longer.

In today’s quick stepped world where people and things are constantly on the go, it only makes sense that breakfast, lunch and dinner are also on the go.

Today the world and business side of a food truck can be entrepreneurial, gourmet in style and affordable.

Various food trucks that offer students an array of options in quick yet fresh dining frequently visit Cal State Fullerton.

Among the food trucks that park themselves between the Humanities and Education Classroom buildings are Barcelona On The Go, Spudrunners and Juice It Up.

The food truck fad is not limited to busy students.

The camaraderie between food trucks is visible with the various parking lot events and gatherings that they come together for.

The Mustang Food Truck Roundup is one such event.

Held at Yorba Linda High School, the event falls on various evenings between 5-9 p.m.

Events such as this one usually involve a lot of delectable dishes, music and fun.

There is typically no admission charge for these block-party events and they are suitable for diners of all ages.

This foodie driven business has even made a place for itself in the reality TV world.

Yes, even food trucks can be competitive in the overly heightened and emotional ways of traditional and typical reality TV.

The Great Food Truck Race premiered on Food Network in August 2010, and has since given food truck hopefuls a chance to win their own meal on wheels restaurant.

Although some people may judge the typical food truck as a knock-off of any sort of “real” food, this is far from the case.

Most food trucks have chefs on board and cook every meal as it’s ordered.

Microwaved quesadillas are not the norm for this new type of high-end eatery.

Some food trucks go so far as to boast the word “gourmet” in their name, clearing all confusion of a sub-par product being served through their windows.

And if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, food trucks are even becoming a popular way to cater events such as birthdays, anniversaries or office events.

With a variety of menu items, the obviously easy transportation and the bargain prices for gourmet eating, food trucks are taking advantage and dominating a market for food enthusiasts.

So the next time you are wandering around campus trying to decide between Carls Jr. and The Habit, take a step toward the Humanities building and visit one of the food trucks parked there for a freshly prepared and delicious meal.