Garland, TX: Unforsacon Bacon Food Truck Now Open and Ready to Bring Greasy Deliciousness to D-FW

By Guide Live Group |

French chef Adam West is ditching his fine dining past and taking to the streets. His food truck named after the provocative and popular ingredient bacon is scheduled to roll out in November.

[UPDATE November 21: The food truck is now open. Find it on November 21, 2012 at the Garland Public Shooting Range, 2606 Pleasant Valley Road in Garland.]

“You have to be really careful of trends,” West said. “One of the things that never really goes out of style is, well, junk food.” He’ll call his new food truck Unforsacon Bacon.

Another food truck in DFW, The Bacon Wagon, is also bacon-themed. It opened in November 2011.

West was most recently executive chef at Monarch, the restaurant inside Hotel ZaZa Houston. Before that, he worked at Dragonfly in Hotel ZaZa Dallas and the now-closed Jeroboam. He chose to leave his post at Monarch in Houston to try this new concept, saying, “it’s simply my time.”

“All my training is has been in fine dining, and I’m really taking a step into unknown territory,” he said. His concept for Unforsacon Bacon is not fine dining on wheels, however; it’ll be street food inspired with bacon.

“Sure, I could do a Kobe beef burger with foie gras on it for $35 and sell maybe one a day, or I could do a simple burger with good bacon on it and charge $5 each and sell 100 a day,” he said. “I’m not going to worry about who I offend or who I try to impress.”

He will return to Dallas in August and will work on Unforsacon Bacon full time.