Point-Of-Sale Systems: Getting What You Want, When You Want It

Here is a full P.O.S. System placed right into your truck!

By Dougal Smith | MobileFoodNews.com

Here is a full P.O.S. System placed right into your truck!

The POS systems of today are full featured, powerful programs that provide the end-user with an extraordinary amount of information and features.  I am yet to see any business use 100% of a POS system. Generally they use 20%, 80% of the time. If this is true, why then does anyone buy a POS system?

The simple answer is the 20% they use, is worth the investment. Today’s systems are products of years of customer requests and suggestions. Understanding no two businesses are alike, its no wonder no one business will use everything. How do I decide which system is right for my business? Here are a few tips.

The first place to start is to understand exactly what you are looking for. All POS systems have a set of strong features and a set of weak features. It can be said generally, that all POS systems do the same things. The key is do they do the features you want, well. Make a list of the key features you want to see. Narrow your focus down to those features.

A good POS representative should do a solid discovery with you before doing a demo. If you are watching a presentation on all the wonderful things a system can do, the bargain basement pricing and free support, and no one has asked “What do you need?” you may want to move on to the next presentation.

A good POS system and a god POS provider should provide you with a system that gives you what you want, when you need it. It should be configured to provide solutions to the problems you need addressed. A really cool screen that can zoom in and out is pretty neat, but if you have inventory problems, who cares?  Having hundreds of reports to choose from is important, but can you easily find the five you look at?

The POS industry and the auto industry are similar in this way. They both provide lots of choices, and for the most part within their respective industries, they all do the same things. POS software handles transactions and records data. Cars get you from point A to point B and have engines.  The key in both cases, is finding a supplier or dealer that takes the time to understand exactly what you are looking for and then provides an appropriate solution. If you are only going to use 20% of a program, make sure you buy one with the right 20%.