Grand Junction, CO: Making it in the Modern Food Biz

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By Amanda Brandeis  |

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Roughly one year ago a local man took on a restaurant endeavor fairly unique to the Grand Valley. Like any venture in the food industry, success is not guaranteed.

When he embarked on bringing gourmet food to Grand Junction, Ryan Duncan didn’t want to be tied down. He decided a food truck would be a good venture.

“All the prep work, cooking, pretty much everything we do is on the truck here,” said Duncan.

“If you have two people or more you get in each others way. The key is to just work around each other,” said Duncan.

In operation for a year, the family business has had its fair share of challenges.

“There’s ups and downs, the winter time is very cold and different with a food truck,” said Duncan

However, with every challenge comes a new opportunity to innovate, “What we did with that was have customers actually text in orders, which worked really well,” he said.

The modern operation has utilized modern forms of marketing to help them succeed, “Social media and our website, people can go on there and check the menu, find out where our locations are going to be. Got to use it if your going to be in this business.”

Duncan says their vision doesn’t stop here, “Trying to add new business, places to go.”

While the road has had bumps, they aren’t slowing down.

“I don’t really think I’d do anything different. It’s a new endeavor for us and for the most part its just worked really well.”

To see the menu and where you can find the truck head to the Facebook page or website.

Facebook: click here.

Website: click here.