Greenville, SC: New Gourmet Food Truck Comes To Greenville [video]

Neue Food Truck

Neue Food Truck
GREENVILLE, S.C. — There’s a new twist on gourmet food in Greenville. The Neue Southern Food Truck officially opened for business Tuesday.

Co-owner and co-chef Lauren Zanardelli explains, “It could be food that you would find at a fine dining restaurant, but we just serve it out of a truck.”

The menu includes falafel, fried brussel sprouts, German potato salad, candied bacon and chocolate cookies, and a schnitzel sandwich.

The food truck is parked in a parking lot on Wade Hampton Boulevard in front of The Community Tap.

Zanardelli says, “As of right now, we’re not permitted to be in downtown (Greenville). We’re hoping that they’ll see what a good thing this really is and that people want food trucks in Greenville and that they’ll kind of open up their doors to us downtown.”

Customer Tony Keely says, “I know downtown’s not happy with it right now, but we’ll see, hopefully we’ll find a mix where it all can fit in.”

Zanardelli and her boyfriend, Graham Foster, went to culinary school in Charlotte and then moved to New York City to work in restaurants there. Zanardelli says they wanted a change of pace and decided to move back to Foster’s hometown of Greenville and bring the gourmet food truck experience to the Upstate.

Zanardelli says, “We thought Greenville is one of those cities that’s constantly growing, one of those jewels of the south, and it needs food trucks.”