Halifax, CAN: The First Maritime Food Truck Rally Rolls into Halifax

By  Dan Ahlstrand  |   News 957 


Foodies of all shapes and sizes will be descending on the Halifax Waterfront today for Atlantic Canada’s first ever food truck rally.

Colin McLean from the Waterfront Development Corporation says the trucks will take over the lot at the foot of Salter Street to allow people to sample their offerings all in one place.

“There are some of the most innovative food offerings you can get,” explained McLean. “If anyone wants to check out our website, you can click through some of the trucks and menus.”

Parking along the waterfront will be free as part of event today. A word of warning though, cash is king at this event so bring some money along with you.

The rally begins at 11 a.m. and runs right up until 7 p.m.