Harrisonburg, VA: Food Truck Court Now Has Mexican Food

By  Carly Stephenson  |   WHSV.com


A food truck court is now a reality in Harrisonburg.

What began with only Grilled Cheese Mania, located on South High Street, has recently expanded to two food trucks.

The new truck, Taqueria, which has another location on North Main Street, serves authentic Mexican food and was added to the court about three weeks ago.

The court is simply called ‘Trucks’.

Kathleen Mania-Casey, the owner of Grilled Cheese Mania, said the new truck helps with the diversity of food, although they are still trying to bring in new businesses and more diversity to Trucks.

The landowner of Trucks recently paved the area and marked off parking spaces.

Mania-Casey said people like that the tables are now by the food trucks instead of by the road.

Kenneth Douglas, who works at Grilled Cheese Mania, said, “They have fantastic and authentic Mexican food. It’s the real deal. It’s affordable and they’re very friendly. Well, a lot of folks were saying we were getting competition, but really it’s more complimentary to us actually.”

Another food truck is expected to join Trucks; however, there is no word yet on what kind of food will be offered.