Have Truck, will Travel — & Taste! Food Truck Phenomenon hits South Walton, FL with Foodie Dietrich

Have truck, will travel — and taste! Food truck phenomenon hits South Walton with Foodie Dietrich

By Deborah Wheeler | The Walton Sun

Have truck, will travel — and taste! Food truck phenomenon hits South Walton with Foodie Dietrich

South Walton’s Jamie Dietrich is bringing a new culinary concept to the area with her Foodie Dietrich.

Foodie Dietrich is a 1969 Airstream trailer she found in Lillian, Ala. She bought it for $4,000, gutted it, and spent two years renovating and making it into a mobile food truck.

Similar to the shiny silver Airstreams in place on County Road 30A at Seaside, Dietrich, however, takes hers wherever there is a call for it.

“I go to them, instead of them coming to me. And I can pull Foodie in anywhere,” she explains. “These are big in other parts of the country, but this is the first one I know of here.”

Dietrich serves mostly sandwiches of the gourmet creative variety, but she has also served such delicacies as shrimp and grits from Foodie. And she stresses that she can do anything else anyone requests.

“I’ve always loved food,” she confesses. “I found notebooks where I wrote about food while in school. I worked at a deli during college and decided then I wanted to have my own deli.”

Dietrich encountered a challenge, however, when her husband went vegan five or six years ago. She followed suit approximately two years later.

But despite her personal lifestyle, she emphasizes that she can and does prepare meat. A favorite is a pork loin she marinates for 30 hours and serves Cuban style. She calls it her Little Havana pork sandwich.

“I cooked and ate meat most of my life,” she said. “I eat seafood now. But I always have a vegan option to offer because I’m conscious of the number of vegetarians out there.”

Dietrich labels her style as “coastal Southern.” Two of her specialties are a three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich, and ‘nana pudding filled with a vanilla cake instead of wafers.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, she was parked at Seaside and sold out.

Dietrich takes Foodie wherever they are invited. The spot they fill most often is at the corner of County Roads 393 and 30A. However, she is booked cooking for clients most weekends through July.

She also accepts invitations to go onsite and cook for private parties as a personal chef.

“I like to go to different places and keep it fresh,” she said.

She was recently invited to cook at Atlanta’s Food and Wine Fest.

Contact Dietrich at www.dietrichscafe.com, and visit her at Foodie Dietrich’s Facebook page.