Seattle: Here & There Grill Trucks On Into Seattle

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Ordering is easy and fun!

Yep, another food truck. Here and There Grill has been around since last year, but they’ve mostly operated in Redmond, Edmonds, and Magnuson Park. Now with a couple Mobile Chowdowns under their belt, Julie Malcolm’s operation is venturing more into the city center, with Friday lunches parked by International Fountain, and I even spotted the truck on Capitol Hill Saturday. The SunBreak stopped by Seattle Center last Friday to sample the wares.

The menu of the day

The reusable to-go bag is a nice touch.

The menu rotates weekly, and you can check out the latest on their website or by joining their email list (and of course look for any last-minute location updates via ye olde Twitter). The salted brown butter rice krispie treat is (not surprisingly) one of the biggest sellers.  Salty + sweet = YUM.

Pea and basil soup

I started out with a cup of smooth and savory pea and basil soup. That’s some chopped red pepper on top, with a big chunk of fresh mozzarella just floating under the surface. Then it was on to the ridiculously large sandwiches.

Rockfish po’ boy

The rockfish po’ boy comes with a crunchy cornmeal breading and flaky insides, topped with what’s called a “spicy” slaw, although it’s not too hot to handle. What is a little tough to handle is the sandwich itself–the slaw wants to shoot out the sides, so don’t eat over your lap.

Steak sandwich

Two words: Gorgonzola mayonnaise. That alone should sell you on this steak sandwich. PRO-TIP: No extra gorgonzola mayo is needed. As much as I love mayo (and gorgonzola), this sandwich was too mayo-ey even for me, and that’s saying a lot. Nonetheless, I soldiered through slathering on the thick cheesey mayo as I went.

Veggie quesadilla with edamame salad

The veggie quesadilla boasts spinach, gold potatoes, bell pepper, zucchini, caramelized onion, corn, and goat and jack cheeses, topped by crema verde. You get four hearty slices, and you will not feel hungry for a while. The edamame salad may dwarf your appetite for edamame; it’s also a little bland.

The truck’s kitchen, aka where the magic happens