Highland Park, CA: Highland Park Considering Food Trucks

Patch File Photo Credit Food Truck Festival

By Angela Sykora | Deerfield.Patch.com

Patch File Photo Credit Food Truck Festival
Patch File Photo Credit Food Truck Festival

The City of Highland Park is considering allowing the operation of food trucks having received more than 25 permit requests in 2012, reports TribLocal.

By comparison, the Village of Deerfield reports getting only two inquiries last year, so it’s not a big issue yet.

Blame the Food Network and shows like “The Great Food Truck Race” for getting people excited over food trucks, which are becoming more popular and more gourmet.

On Thursday, the Chicago City Council issued its first “on-board” cooking license to Dan Salls, owner of The Salsa Truck, reported the Chicago Tribune. The food truck is anticipated to begin serving at 600 W. Chicago Ave. on Tuesday.

The Salsa Truck already has its Website up and running, where customers can “track the truck.”