Huntsville, AL: Food Truck Operators Ready to Roll for 7-day Schedule

Food trucks currently run limited hours within the Entertainment District

By Diana Crawford  |

Food trucks currently run limited hours within the Entertainment District
Food trucks currently run limited hours within the Entertainment District

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – A new proposal could have food trucks lining the streets of downtown Huntsville seven days a week. It would also allow vendors to set up shop at John Hunt Park and the Jetplex.

Currently, food trucks are only allowed to park on Clinton Avenue in downtown Huntsville for limited hours on Thursdays and Fridays during the new Entertainment District hours. The trucks are also allowed in other select places of the city.

Under the latest proposal, vendors could set up in other areas of the downtown area as well as John Hunt Park and the Jetplex Industrial Park seven days a week. Hours would be expanded to 6 a.m. through 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, and until 10 p.m. all other days.

There are a few conditions vendors would have to follow under the new proposal. Food trucks cannot be parked within 100 feet of any restaurant entrance, and vendors must make restrooms available within 500 feet of the truck.

City officials said the 100 foot “buffer zone” between food trucks and restaurants will help keep competition down. “We felt that was very accommodating. It would also keep mobile food trucks out of the back door or the front door. They wouldn’t be obstructing traffic for anyone or impeding any current business,” said Ashley Nichols with Huntsville’s Planning Department.

Huntsville food truck vendors welcome the opportunity to grow their businesses and reach more people. Jason Lafferty with the Food Fighters Bustaurant moved to Huntsville specifically to start up a food truck business. He believes it’s an up-and-coming trend in the Rocket City.

Lafferty said since his truck has been allowed to park on Cleveland Avenue during the Entertainment District hours, his business has significantly increased. He hopes the new proposal will pass, so he can serve folks at the ball parks in John Hunt and employees at the Jetplex.

“I see a lot more opportunities and a lot more food trucks popping up very quickly, so now it’s just time for the Huntsville citizens to venture out a little bit and not eat so much cookie-cutter franchise restaurants,” said Lafferty.

The city council is set to take a vote on the issue at the end of October.