Ice Cream Trucks Are Going To The Dogs

They all woof for ice cream. The Daily Mail reports on a brand-new kind of ice cream truck that debuted this week in London — one that caters to canines.

The K99 van serves frozen treats to dogs. The menu was developed by “a team of scientists investigating the perfect combination of temperature, texture and taste, ensuring the treats would be delicious to dogs and completely safe.”

There’s Dog Eat Hog World — a gammon and chicken sorbet topped with a biscuit and served in a cone. And Canine Cookie Crunch, a combination of dog biscuits and ice cream. I feel like Kansas City pups would be a lot more fired up about that (Gammon is ham from the hind leg of the pig) than a bowl of Foo’s vanilla custard. And if what my dog does to a cup of Foo’s is any indication, that’s a lot of excitement.

While what plays in London won’t always work in Kansas City, this idea could certainly travel across the pond well. There’s a pool of dog lovers in town, several dog parks in the area with a captive audience, and one of the pre-eminent dog bakeries in the country.

So this post is for you, Three Dog Bakery. Take it and run. My pooch and I will be waiting with cash in paw, er…hand, to cool off this summer.