In the Winter, In a Food Truck

Foss with His Meatyballs Food Truck in Chicago

Phillip Foss

By Christopher Borelli | Tribune Reporter

One question for Phillip Foss, who had quite the wonderful and terrible and hectic year — what with serving Asian carp at Lockwood, then appearing on the “Today” show after that carp caused a brief media-geddon, then being fired from Lockwood, then joining hands with Gaztro-Wagon’s Matt Maroni and pushing for a food truck ordinance in Chicago, then relaunching himself as a one-man band, Phillip Foss and his traveling meatball sandwiches. Now that it’s 27 degrees outside, and you’re standing here in a bulky down vest and heavy wool mittens with flurries in your face, still want to run a food truck?

“It’s been an incredibly transitional year. The verdict is still out on this concept, but I always like to live my life as though it would be published some day in a book, and in that sense, I had a fantastic year. I got this thing going on a meager savings account. Am I yielding the salary I made at Lockwood? No. But the potential? It’s there, and I feel really connected to my customers, literally handing them their meals.

Foss with His Meatyballs Food Truck in Chicago

“That said, this whole food truck thing in winter is going to be a good litmus test, I think. I have different ideas about what to do now, but the bottom line is that the revenue will be down for the rest of the year. No doubt.

“So I’m thinking of throwing my bike on the truck and running deliveries. You call your truck ‘meatyballs,’ you got to back it up.”