Indianapolis, IN: Top Ten Food Truck Tastes

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The food truck phenomenon has taken Indy by storm. Here’s our top ten tastes to quench every craving.

  1. Cajun Kick: Move over French Quarter, these Indy food trucks are dishing up the best cajun food around: Soul Sista on The MoveChef Dan’s Southern ComfortTalkin’ Turkey, and Rollin Wit Da Roux.
  2. All-American: When you’re itching for some good ol’ red, white and blue dining, our following friends have you covered: Gobble GobbleTaste of Memphis, and Key’s Slider Station.
  3. Better Than Your Mama’s Homecooking: Don’t tell your mother, but these comfort food creations are giving her meatloaf a run for its money: Johnson’s BBQ Shack and Big Ron’s Bistro.
  4. South of the Border: Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation with these mouthwatering bites: Taste of the Carribean and Taco Lassi.
  5. Sweetest Treats on the Streets: It’s ok to indulge your sweet tooth for these delightful treats: Gigi’s CupcakesNicey Frozen TreatPetunia’s Flying CupcakesScout’s Treats, andKaffeine Coffee Co.
  6. An International Affair: Get out and explore the flavors of the world all from the streets of Indy with these international experts: Pho MiLittle EatalyIn A Pita, and Spice Box.
  7. Farm-to-Table: Get your hands on some locally grown deliciousness with these gate-to-plate favorites: Scratch Truck and Duos Kitchen.
  8. Sides Made for a King: Royalty doesn’t always come with a high price tag; pamper your taste buds with these superior snacks: Der Pretzel WagenGroovy Guys Fries, and Mac Genie.
  9. Slices of Heaven: Calling all pizza connoisseurs, these delicious pies are right up your alley (literally)  —  Cutie Pies PizzaByrnes Grilled Pizza, and NY Slice.
  10. Jack of All Trades: These food trucks make being good at everything look easy with their eclectic selection of fabulous dishes: Seredipity and Gypsy Cafe.

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