Interview: Gina Sanchez & Michelle Lawrence from Crazy Sisters Gourmet Food Truck

Crazy Sisters food truck - Photo by Stephanie Hawkes

By Stephanie Hawkes | DFW Food Truck Foodie

Crazy Sisters food truck - Photo by Stephanie Hawkes

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the food trucks is meeting people, not only the other customers but those who are bringing the trucks to life each day. These men and women are incredibly passionate about what they are doing and the food they are serving. I was also noticing that they all had a story of how their truck came about and how their life evolved in to being a part of one of the fastest growing small business concepts, not only in DFW but in the U.S.

Today’s feature is Gina Sanchez and Michelle Lawrence from Crazy Sisters Gourmet Food Truck.

DFW Food Truck Foodie: What did you do before you were a food truck owner?

Gina: The question is what haven’t I done… I have had some great jobs/careers: club DJ, sang with a Rock Band, food service, spent many years in corporate America in customer service management, loan processing, IT support, web design. As much as I appreciated my positions in corporate America, they were not satisfying; I always felt like something was missing, I always wanted my own business. I have also owned a restaurant prior to this. I think I am in LOVE with my food truck!

Michelle: I too spent many years in corporate America, in IT support, customer service, finance. I have another career too, I am a wife to a great man who is totally supportive and a mom to two beautiful Mini Crazy Sisters.

How did you come up with the name for your business?

For years, we have talked about a restaurant concept that would blend our Latin Heritage and American roots. We have always been called “crazy” by our family and friends so “hermanas locas” (Spanish for “crazy sisters”) was always right there. But, we didn’t want to be so literal in the Latin side since American food is a huge part of who we are. Not to mention we LOVE Sugar Skulls, Crazy Sisters was just perfect for us!

What is your favorite menu item?

Gina: I just love our shredded beef brisket tacos, I make them just like my daddy used to.

Michelle: I have to say I love the chicken tacos, Gina makes them like daddy used to.

What has been the biggest reward of having a food truck?

Being able to serve people food that we love food that we love to eat, being able to prepare the food and seeing right away that people really like it. Also, the food truck community is such a supportive group of people, both the other food truck owners and the customers. It has been a great experience thus far! The awesome comments, feedback, and support from the customers and fans have been wonderful.

What has been the biggest challenge of having a food truck?

When you have breakdowns and equipment issues, dealing with and learning all the ins and outs of these very technical items. You know all that “GUY” stuff, but no worries … We Got This!!

Most marketing for food trucks is through social media, do you see that as a benefit or challenge to you and why?

Love, love, love social media! It is definitely a huge benefit, it enables us to connect directly with the people who want what we can provide. Social media also allows us to connect with and meet fellow food-truckers, we have made some great friends because of social media. It is a powerful medium and its potential is huge, we use it everyday. “Follow us on FB and Twitter,” we find ourselves saying it in our sleep.

You spent most days of this summer on a food truck. Where can we find you when you aren’t on a truck?

Spending time with family, friends, and pets. Brainstorming new ideas and trying to streamline processes. It’s pretty much food truck talk all the time, and we like it that way.

What would you like to see in the DFW food truck scene in the next two years?

For all the cities in the DFW Metroplex to get on the same page when it comes to food truck permitting, zoning, etc. It is a mine field out there, you never know what to expect from one city to the next.

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