Istanbul, TR: World’s Top 10 Cities For Street Food – Istanbul

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The capital of Turkey is paradise for those who love budget travel and a glitzy culture. It’s also a haven for foodies with street food ruling the roost. Here’s a list of the top street food you must try in the vivid souqs and markets of Istanbul –

  • Midye Dolma is mussels filled with rice, pine nuts, raisins and spices. This is had with a dash of lemon and olive oil
  • Borek pies baked with a filling of local cheeses, spinach, or meat are the breakfast favorites as the locals head out to work
  • Yaprak Sarma is a dish of vine leaves stiffed with rice, and herbs. It is cooked in olive oil and served with a yogurt sauce
  • Doner Durum, a toasted dürüm is served with kaşar cheese and döner meat. Döner is typically lamb, chicken, or beef grilled on a vertical skewer.
  • Dilli Kaşarlı is  sliced smoked tongue with kaşar.
  • Lahmacun is a flatbread served with minced vegetables and minced meat
  • A medley of pickled cabbage, pepper, cucumber, and other vegetables served in a spicy juice is sold from street carts across the city.
  • Sucuk Ekmek is ground beef and spices served in bread as a sandwich
  • Chicken and chickpeas Pilav (steamed rice)is served hot from carts at night

The luscious food culture of Tukey, Istanbul in particular, is the crown of this tourist paradise.