Ithaca, NY: Mexican Food Truck, Dos Amigos, Opens in Collegetown

Dos Amigos, a new Mexican food truck, opens on Eddy Street Thursday night. (Brittney Chew / Sun News Photography Editor)

By David Ticzon  | The Cornell Daily Sun

Dos Amigos, a new Mexican food truck, opens on Eddy Street Thursday night.  (Brittney Chew / Sun News Photography Editor)
Dos Amigos, a new Mexican food truck, opens on Eddy Street Thursday night.
(Brittney Chew / Sun News Photography Editor)

Approximately 50 members of the local community, including Mayor Svante Myrick ’09, waited in line at the corner of Eddy and Williams Street Thursday night to celebrate the grand opening of Dos Amigos, a new Mexican food truck.

After months of preparation by co-founders David Farahi ’16 and Jorge Bouras ’17, the festivities began with the breaking open of a piñata, hung from Eddy Gate.

Those among the first in line were rewarded with complimentary chips and guacamole, bandanas, stickers and churros.

The creation of the truck began when Farahi — who is from Reno, Nevada — and Bouras — who is from San Diego — wrote a business plan for the food truck for an entrepreneurial class last fall.

According to Farahi, both he and Bouras missed the authentic Mexican food that was available back home on the West Coast.

“We just really missed this food when we came to Ithaca,” Farahi said. “The dream is coming true that we will be able to expose some people to this type of cuisine and we hope they love the food.”

The cuisine was made possible due to the efforts of Chef Sam Epps from local Italian restaurant Gola Osteria, according to Farahi and Bouras. Farahi said he recruited Epps after hearing about Epps’ love of Mexican

food while eating dinner at the restaurant one night.

“We went over to his restaurant and I sat down for dinner and asked if I could talk to the chef,” Farahi said. “We spoke about the concept and he loved it, and we have been working together ever since.”

The process of making the menu was a long one, according to Bouras.

“The first night was frantic, but we planned for it and were well prepared for the task,” Bouras said. “The menu was a long process. I brought flavors from back home in San Diego and from Mexico, which is very much like my second home. The task then was to try and find the right ingredients here in upstate and try to bring the two cultures together.”

Jeremy Pustilnik ’18, who was one of the first students to try the food from Dos Amigos, praised the taste of his ‘chief beef taco.’

“It’s a savory steak along with a lime tang to it and the parsley adds a nice twist,” Pustilnik said. “I like the freshness of it and it is definitely a pretty solid choice. I would eat it again.”

The exterior of the truck —  which features a brightly-colored surfer — was designed and painted by student artist Pablo Wolf Maggi ’16, who said he was inspired by the colors and themes of the West Coast.

“We were actually planning to use a palette with a lot less colors,” Maggi said. “We thought that would be the best and most practical way to go, considering that the truck was going to be open primarily at night, and budgeting for less colors might be cheaper.”

Once he saw the truck, however, Maggi said he knew he had to drop that plan.

“The truck was such a bright and shiny creature [that] I had to give it color, I had to give it flare,” Maggi said. “The imagery came about along the process in accordance with some of the themes Jorge and David wanted to work with, notably California, the West Coast, beachy, ocean flare and of course, Mexican food.”

Maggi said he painted the truck everyday since Aug. 7, and that reaching the deadline of opening day was “tough.”

“This has been probably about a 400 square foot project and I did it all in two weeks by myself,” Maggi said.

Susan Farahi, David Farahi’s mother, said she flew in with her husband to see the opening of the truck, adding that she was proud of her son and that he had always loved food trucks.

“I am very proud because everything was done,” Mrs. Farahi said. “There was a lot of careful thought and planning done step by step. He learned a lot.”