Jacksonville, TX: East Texas welcomes first food truck park

By Michael Aaron  |  CBS 19

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JACKSONVILLE (KYTX) — As food trucks become increasingly popular all across the country, a new hub for mobile eateries opens Friday in downtown Jacksonville.

Charcoal Alley sits where Emily Griffin’s photography studio used to. It burned down three years ago, along with the restaurant next door. Since charcoal is made by heating wood – the park’s name is a reminder of how the venture began

The first park of its kind in East Texas – Charcoal Alley will offer a variety of food options that can come and go, so you never know what you might get. Griffin said the community is thrilled for new dining options.

“I’m excited,” she said. “I hope it brings a little bit to our town and the county. I’m hoping to get some surrounding cities interested in it as well and hopefully be a little more progressive.”

Griffin said she got the idea for a food truck park several months after the fire and has been working since then to get the proper permitting and zoning.

Some of the food vendors plan to open for lunch Friday and the others will open by dinner. Charcoal Alley will have live music Saturday night, and Griffin said she plans to host musicians on a regular basis.

For more information, click here to visit Charcoal Alley’s Facebook page.