Kansas City, MO: Friday Food Truck Fiesta

by Xavier Onassis | Hip Suburban White Guy

So I stopped by Food Truck Friday tonight on my way home from the office.

I don’t really understand food trucks and they just look unsanitary to me. I won’t eat food from a truck. Seems to me that if you have a restaurant and your food is any good, the people will come to you and you won’t have to get in a truck and chase customers down on the street.

@Ms_Nene, the most annoying fucking person on twitter was there with her Goddamned cup cakes!

Apparently nobody wanted coffee…

…or subscriptions to the KC Star.

I did run into quite a few old friends. It’s amazing who you run into when you actually leave your house.

@m_toast was there (on the right) with a friend of hers. Didn’t catch the friend’s name.

@MarianLiberryan was there!

As was @average_jane

The Magical Meatball Tour was there.

With owners and proprietors Venus Van Horn and Ceasar Reyes.

But for me, the stars of the show were @chimpotle and @kcmeesha.

@kcmeesha got some sort of pulled pork sandwich.

While @chimpotle got something called a Torta Ahogada.

They seemed to enjoy their selections.

Completely oblivious to the homeless guy on the bench in the background watching them gorge themselves.

@kcmeesha seemed to be hypnotized my watching @chimpotle inhale his massive meat meal.

He was so enthralled that he felt compelled to record the moment for posterity.

I present it here, with his assumed permission for your enjoyment or disgust or both.