Kansas City, MO: Ready to Get into the Mobile Food Biz – Be Smart Use this Food Truck Profit Estimator

By MAG Specialty Vehicles   |  MAG Trucks


MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV) is here to help.  MSV doesn’t try to force sell its trucks or builds, it takes the time to make sure each customer has a good plan and the ability to execute on it.  That is why they have developed a Mobile Food Profit Estimator tool.

Use this tool to estimate your profit potential on your food truck build out. Numerous food truck operators have found this form very helpful for financial planning and also determing their food truck build out budget. MSV is here to assist,  call us with any questions.

Click Here for the Mobile Food Profit Estimator Tool.

MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV) is a custom manufacturer specializing in food and promotional trucks and trailers.  Our core customers are Fortune 500 companies, marketing firms, and small businesses. MSV has engineering, 2D & 3D layout design, graphic design, wrap installation, municipality approval, and staffing capabilities.

Strategically located in Kansas City, Missouri the MAG organization appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.

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