Kitsilano, CAN: Visiting La Taqueria Pinche Taco Truck in Kits

By Janelle  |


I have seen La Taqueria food truck in Kits over lunch almost everyday this week. The truck has a devoted following and during peak hours always there’s always a line-up. I think a line-up is a good sign, so on Wednesday I jumped on the bandwagon and tried a taco with pork marinated in chili and pineapple ($2.50) and one with sautéed mushrooms in chipotle sauce ($2.00). Both were delish but tiny, reflected by their price I guess. The truck also offers 4 tacos for $7, which is probably better for a complete lunch, but 2 was a nice option for a light lunch.

With a toddler who eats what he is given 50% of the time, and refuses to touch his food the other 50% of the time, an inexpensive trial is always appreciated (he wouldn’t touch his taco if you are wondering).  Anyway, this is a food truck worth checking out, but offering nothing more interesting than the menu at their Hastings or Cambie locations.


The experience made me wonder – what do you think is the best food truck in Kitsilano neighbourhood?

La Taqueria Taco Truck, Mobile, (604) 558-2549,

Photo credit: La Taqueria