Knoxville, TN: Food Truck Meeting Set for July 31

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By Cari Wade Gervin  |  Metro Pulse

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Remember way back in February when we told you that the city was on the verge of drafting an ordinance that would allow food trucks to park on city streets, an ordinance that officials hoped to bring before Council in March or April?

Well, we don’t blame you forgetting, because at times it seemed like the city had forgotten too. Over the past few months we’ve talked to food truck owners who were supposed to be involved in the whole process, and they were asking us if we knew what was going on. (Which, it should be stated, we didn’t.)
Anyway, the good news is that something is finally happening in regards to getting food trucks out on the streets downtown for lunch. The city plans to announce the details in a meeting next Wednesday evening, so put it on your calendar. We’re hopeful that this will be a happy and supportive meeting, with none of the crazy battles between food truck owners and restaurant owners that have happened in other cities, but we aren’t holding our breath.
Official press release below:
What: Public meeting on City of Knoxville food truck policy
When: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 31st
Where: Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, 17 Market Square
Who: The City of Knoxville has been working with local food truck vendors toward developing a pilot program for the regulation and permitting of food truck operation on public and private property. At this meeting, City officials will present some preliminary ideas based on the experience of other cities, including Nashville, and will welcome public input and comment.
The meeting is open to the general public. Anyone needing a disability accommodation in order to attend the meeting can contact City ADA Coordinator Stephanie Brewer Cook at 215-2034 or