Konya, TUR: Turkish firm provides food trucks to Qatari army

By Can Erozden  |  AA Turkey

A Turkish company named Konya Isi produced 10 mobile food trucks with integrated kitchens for the Qatari army.

The company’s general manager Mustafa Kalyon told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday that the company began exporting in 2004.

“Firstly Qatari officials wanted a model from us and they ordered 10 food trucks to use within their army after they liked the model. We completed manufacturing of trucks in almost two months.”, Kalyon said.

“All needed products for a kitchen are found in the truck. A room, cellar, cooker, blender, oven and dish washing area are in it. This truck can be used anywhere without any needs for 10 days,” Kalyon said.

The mobile food truck contains liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a generator, tanks for fresh and dirty water — a ton each — an oven and a refrigeration unit that can be autonomous for 10 days.

“We did all sections of these 10 trucks. And each of the trucks that we exported to Qatar — except towing vehicle — costs €200,000 ($244,830). The trucks will be delivered in a few days.”, Kalyon added.

Based in Turkey’s central province of Konya, the company has been manufacturing professional kitchen materials for restaurants and big enterprises for 36 years.