LA: Crepes Bonaparte Founder Rolls Out New Food Truck ‘Brats Berlin’

Photo credit: Marchelli Photography


Photo credit: Marchelli Photography

Fullerton-based Crepes Bonaparte Founder Christian Murcia is moving forward with plans for a new wheeled kitchen: the Brats Berlin German bratwurst truck.

The concept, which is set to begin serving in Orange County and L.A. next month, will offer a range of authentic German sausages, including chicken apple, spicy kielbasa and beer bratwurst, and fresh-cut Belgian fries.

The truck’s design, meanwhile, pays tribute to the East Side Gallery in Berlin, and will be revamped every few months to highlight a different artist’s work. Brats Berlin currently features a hand-painted design from street artist Evolve. It’s a departure from Crepes Bonaparte’s French-inspired truck – aka Gaston – which sports a mustache on its hood.

Crepes Bonaparte, which serves up a range of breakfast, savory, dessert and seasonal crepes, began as a catering service in 2008. The truck launched in April 2010 and has been featured on The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” and the Cooking Channel’s “Food Truck Revolution.”