LA: Green Truck Gives LA Foodies Healthy Meals on Wheels

By Lori Corbin | KABC

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Food trucks have become a staple in Los Angeles, but one particular truck is offering local foodies healthy, organic and eco-friendly meals on wheels.

You can’t drive through Los Angeles without seeing a wide array of food trucks.

“I’m a foodie. I really enjoy the food truck scene that has been developing here in L.A.,” said Chris Bolwyn, a food truck enthusiast who works at Sony Image Works.

Food trucks caught our culinary eye, and one of the first to hit the streets was the Green Truck.

“We were the first ones in 2006. When I rolled Green Truck, veggie powered, solar powered truck onto the road you know, no one knew what it was all about,” said Mitchell Collier, co-founder of Green Truck.

Collier wants people to be able to eat organic, locally grown and delicious food as cheap as possible.

“We’re trying to bring the prices down so that, you know, the stereotype of organic food being not affordable, we are trying to break that barrier,” said Collier.

The Green Truck’s menu includes healthy protein, whole grains and a rainbow of produce along with fun stuff like their signature veggie burger and gooey grilled cheese. The Green Truck’s motto is serving up health while saving the planet in the process.

The fuel that is used to power the Green Truck is actually the oil they cook with. The water that they clean the produce with actually washes the truck itself, and even the grills are solar powered. Talk about eco-friendly!

Everything used is recycled, composted and trash-free. They actually get money back from the power company.

“The people behind this truck are so cool, because they found a way to make everything sustainable, to make organic produce and organic creations fun, appetizing, delicious and recognizable to the average consumer who is just like, ‘Oh, maybe I don’t want to try a vegan burger,’ but when it looks as good as this does, you’re going to try it,” said Daphne Oz, one of the hosts of ABC’s new show, “The Chew.”

Oz was in Los Angeles to tape a Green Truck segment for the new season of the show. You might not know her yet, but her dad, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is known as America’s doctor.

“The Chew” features the love of food, consumer friendly cooking tips and practical health options like the Green Truck, which Daphne Oz applauds.

“This kind of movement that is happening around food right now, where it just makes it so fun and interesting and a way to explore through food. I love that,” she said.

You can catch “The Chew” on ABC7 every weekday at noon, right after Eyewitness News at 11 a.m.