LA: It’s Wednesday, What’s for Dinner at the Cerritos Food Truck Rally?

photo credit MarieSam Sanchez

By MarieSam Sanchez |

photo credit MarieSam Sanchez

Yep, tonight’s the night! Did you remember to wear your pants with the elastic waistband? Because this Wednesday night food truck line-up at the Cerritos Best Buy parking lot is full of delicious dinner options and of course, we can’t forget dessert!

Last week’s crowd was its largest yet so make sure to arrive early or some of the trucks will run out of food. And for those new to the weekly craze, the trucks are posted in the parking lot between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. every Wednesday night, and some people make a night of it by bringing lawn chairs and enjoying their food under the stars.

The May 25 dinner line-up includes:

  1. Bakery Truck
  2. White Rabbit Truck
  3. Louks To Go
  4. Crepes Bonaparte
  5. Meet ‘N Potatoes
  6. Lee’s Philly
  7. AhnJoo Truck
  8. Calbi BBQ