LA: LaBonge Robo Call of LIES!

By Matt Geller, CEO | SoCalMFVA

Here is the proof of Tom LaBonge’s robo call of lies!


Get the word out food truckers!

VOTE Stephen Box!

The Campaign for City Council in CD4 is heating up. So much so, that incumbent Tom Labonge and his supporters are engaging in dirty campaign tactics by spreading blatant lies through their robo-calls and phone canvassing because it is just now becoming more and more apparent that he stands a chance to losing his position.

I know Stephen Box, and he is the one true progressive candidate in this race.  All three candidates in the CD 4 City Council Race are Democrats.  The LaBonge Team that is spreading these truths, be it his own campaign or third-party supporters, are engaging in dirty partisan politics in a non-partisan race.

Stephen has written for CityWatchLA and his position on almost everything can be found online.  He has been open and honest with his positions and I challenge all CD4 voters to research before you vote and not fall prey to a scared party trying to plant fear in constituents.



Matt Geller