LaBonge: The “La” Doesn’t Stand for “Los Angeles” & Either Does “LaBonge”!

By Matt Geller, CEO | SoCalMFVA

Hey All,

Yesterday I was informed that a DOT officer (guys who write tickets) was instructed by his superiors to “throw the book” at you.  Meaning, cite you for anything and everything.  When I had a meeting with Tom LaBonge on Wilshire 4 months ago, he claimed that his number one concern was the 5700 block.  I offered a solution.  If we move to the 5800 and 5900 blocks of Wilshire would he back off a bit.  His answer, accompanied by a handshake, was an emphatic, YES!

Flash forward four months later and we have kept up our end of the bargain.  There are no trucks on 5700.  However, he has not backed off in the least.  Starting with the Food Truck Task Force, he has requested a “one truck per block” regulation.  This is completely illegal and will go no where, but, it’s just another example of his disdain for our industry.  Additionally, over the weekend he met with DOT officials and asked that they really come down hard on you.  Why are we avoiding 5700?  Didn’t we have some sort of tacit deal in place?

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The only way we’re going to get the city to back down is to win an election… In fact, we don’t even have to win this Stephen Box election, we only have to get enough votes that we scare the rest of the council.   But, winning is within our grasp.  Stephen Box needs 8000 votes to win in a district with 135,000 registered voters.  We can do this, but we all have to do a little work…. Not much, but a little.