Lakeland, FL: Lakeland a Great Place to Eat

By Michael Antolak |


I just have to express my pleasure after the first Downtown Food Truck Rally that took place recently in Lakeland. I’m a middle-aged guy who moved from a premier food town up north 10 years ago. The changes in the food scene since I came here are so exciting.

In addition to the food truck rally, we have lots of exciting new places to visit. There’s La Porta Rossa, that not only has imaginative food but has cooking classes that are much fun. Publix has started classes, too.

There’s the Lakeland Farmer’s Market that has so improved over the years, and stars the Poor Porker that serves the best gourmet beignets this side of New Orleans along with many other terrific vendors.

Both these operations are endeavoring to highlight Lakeland on the national stage. These are only two examples of places that offer new and awesome experiences in the area.

Lakeland is becoming a great place to eat.