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Photo Courtesy of Haulin Balls

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Photo Courtesy of Haulin Balls
Photo Courtesy of Haulin Balls

Las Vegas has some of the best food trucks anywhere. About three years ago the food truck revolution hit the Valley with delicious vengeance and the daily 9-5 grind grew a little less dreary because of them. The idea is old, mobile food trucks dispensing quick and tasty food. But my fiends, these are definitely not your father’s food trucks.

Featuring everything from sliders to Hawaiian pig these colorful and mobile eateries are bringing great food directly to the masses. Here is a list of some of the best food trucks to grace the gas station parking lots across the Las Vegas area. Where possible I will include links to their website, Facebook and Twitter so you’ll always have the up to date info on what trucks will be in your area.

Charlie’s Lunch

Featuring assorted panini sandwiches and tossed salads, Charlie’s Lunch is also available for special event and catering opportunities. The Reuben is their staple and all sandwiches include home made potato chips.Check out their schedule and menu call and email for more info.

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Slidin’ Thru

With success comes permanency, and few food trucks in the Las Vegas valley can compete with the popularity of Slidin’ Thru. This truck specializes in, you guessed it, sliders including the spicy Barby featuring caramelized jalapeños (yum) and the ever popular Pep Pep. The big fun with Slidin’ Thru is the daily, limited quantity mystery slider which can be almost anything under the crazy super hot Las Vegas sun. with a permanent locations at 6410 N Durango Dd 89149 you’ll always know where to get your slider fix. Check out the menu.

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Lovegrub Truck

Home of the self proclaimed and unhealthily fantastic sounding world famous Sloppytots, the Lovegrub truck is a relatively new arrival on the Las Vegas food truck scene. The Lovegrub Truck is most frequently found stalking the late night crowd downtown at Fremont Street where locals in the know grab some grub after drinking a few at the Griffin.

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Philly’s Famous Italian Ices

Sometimes we just want to skip dinner and go straight for desert and few delicacies cool one down on a hot Nevada night like Italian Ice. Featuring the norm (cherry, blueberry and lime) and the not so norm (tamarindo, cotton candy and coconut) flavors there’s always something new and chilly to try. Check out their menu and schedule and take the kids for a good cool me down.

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LBS Patty Wagon

Nothing makes me smile more than a good (or bad) play on words and LBS Patty Wagon makes me grin big time. Grab the perfect sliders or the fantastic Urth Burger for those of you who prefer not to eat our four legged friends and decide for yourself whether LBS Patty Wagon deserves to be named as on of Las Vegas’ Best Burger Joints. Check out their menuand schedule and get taken to the joint of burger-dom.

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Haulin Balls

Haulin Balls isn’t only the coolest looking of the Las Vegas food trucks (sweet flames dude), it may also be among the best. Meatball subs are one of my biggest weaknesses, but these guys take the art form to new levels by using new and fabulous ingredients. Try the Zorba for a unique taste you’ll crave again and again.Check out the menu and schedule.

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