Leland, NC: Leland to vote on food truck regulations

By Johanna Ferebee  |  Port City Daily

LELAND — Food trucks may soon be regulated in Leland town limits.

On Thursday, Leland Town Council will vote to adopt a new set of text amendments introduced by the town’s Planning Board.

Currently, food trucks are unregulated in Leland. Leland regularly invites food trucks to town-sponsored events. Under the new rules, trucks participating in these events would not be required to obtain a permit.

Religious and recreation events that invite food trucks for less than a one-week period are also exempt from obtaining the proposed $50 annual permit.

Compared to fees for New Hanover County or towns like Surf City, Leland’s $50 permit to cover administrative fees would cost less. It would expire on Dec. 31 and be granted by the town’s manager. No additional Brunswick County costs related to food truck operation would apply.

Leland Planning Board first discussed the item on May 28 and on June 25, unanimously approved the proposal with a few changes. This includes a new provision that food trucks cannot operate in “someone’s driveway,” meaning, they won’t be allowed within single-family residential property. However, food trucks would be permitted on private property in commercial, office and institutional, planned unit development, multi-family zoning districts, and along the gateway district.

The planning board also helped add in a new proposed regulation requiring food truck operators to provide their own receptacle and are responsible for removing all waste collected.

Leland Town Council will meet at its regular meeting Thursday, July 18, beginning at 6 p.m. at Leland Town Hall.