Los Angeles, CA: I Am Los Angeles – Pioneering a New-Wave Food Truck

By Joris Debeij |  KCET.org

Not unlike the burrito and taco food trucks Angelenos have frequented for years, the new-wave of food trucks can be found on the streets of Los Angeles. But these new food trucks create buzz using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, and use the internet to broadcast the location of their trucks. These trucks have become a familiar phenomenon on the boulevards of Los Angeles. They come in different shapes, colors and have all different menus.

A significant departure in cuisine served on these new Food Trucks also reflects the way fast food culture is changing right now in Los Angeles. Fusion kitchen is new, hip and happening; from Korean BBQ, to Brazilian Burritos, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Vietnamese Tacos. The four-wheeled restaurants are serving up something new and exciting, not just your everyday fast food cuisine.

Natasha Case is co-founder of Coolhaus — a food truck serving architecturally-themed ice cream sandwiches. Sure, they have delicious flavors like bacon-flavored or persimmon flavored ice cream, but they want most to teach their customers a little bit about architecture. Coolhaus focuses on the architects whose work you can find throughout Los Angeles, from Franklin Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry. I Am Los Angeles talked to Natasha about her food truck sensation.


Originally published on I Am Los Angeles.