Los Angeles, CA: Roy Choi Launches 3 Worlds Cafe Food Truck Serving Dole Whips and Boba

The 3 Worlds Cafe truck

By Farley Elliot  |  Eater – LA

The 3 Worlds Cafe truck
The 3 Worlds Cafe truck

There’s always a lot to talk about when it comes to Roy Choi, but in his stable of LA restaurant concepts its usually 3 Worlds Cafe that gets the least attention. The South LA coffee and sweets shop, known primarily for serving up one of the city’s best Dole whips, isn’t as sexy or commercially appealing as Choi’s other projects, but it represents an early look at the sort of community giving that the popular Korean-American chef has become more recently known for through his upcoming fast food franchise Loco’l.

Well now, in an attempt to shine some brighter light on the 3 Worlds Cafe way, Choi is doing exactly what he does best: taking to the streets. Starting today, Choi and his Kogi team will be cruising through Los Angeles with a wrapped yellow and green 3 Worlds Cafe truck, selling those Dole whips, plus boba drinks and more.

The truck is being rolled out in conjunction with Dole Packaged Foods, which has from the start helped behind the scenes with 3 Worlds Cafe. The partnership helps to not only defray the overhead of keeping the cafe running and starting up a truck, but keeps the business side intact so that Choi can continue to give proceeds back to nearby low income Jefferson High School. Better still, the truck is actually an extension of a business education class being taught at Jefferson, which continues to help give high schoolers leadership roles throughout the 3 Worlds process.

For today, the 3 Worlds Cafe truck will be popping up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of the original 3 Worlds Cafe space at 3310 Central Avenue. After that, you’ll have to go old school and follow along on Twitter.