Los Angeles, CA: The best food and drink pairings at LA Street Food Fest

Photograph (l to r): Jakob N. Layman / Goose Island Beer Hot chicken and beer are a match made in heaven.

By Erin Kuschner  |  TimeOut

Photograph (l to r): Jakob N. Layman / Goose Island Beer Hot chicken and beer are a match made in heaven.
Photograph (l to r): Jakob N. Layman / Goose Island Beer
Hot chicken and beer are a match made in heaven.

There are some pretty amazing events happening in July, but we’re especially excited about LA Street Food Fest. Now in its sixth year, the Rose Bowl festival is a foodie’s dream, showcasing over 100 vendors offering samples of food, drink and artisanal goods. Since we’re all about getting the most out of a festival experience, we took a look at their list of participants to determine the best food and drink duos. Whether it’s coffee and donuts or hot chicken and beer, here are 10 pairs of stalls that just belong together.

1. Sarita’s Pupuseria + Cabotella: As one of the last remaining OGs of Grand Central Market, Sarita’s Pupuseria is still the place to get outstanding homemade pupusas. Pair with Cabotella (a craft beer from Mexico).

2. Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese + The Church Key: The vendors behind these stalls are notoriously animated at food festivals. Snag a gooey grilled cheese at Greenspan’s then head over for a cocktail at The Church Key booth, f-bombs and hilarious antics guaranteed.

3. Sweetfin Poke + Stella Rosa: Sweetfin Poke made our best poke list, so we’re pretty pumped that they’re going to be serving up quality fish at the festival—we’re thinking a glass of wine from the Stella Rosa stall would be a sweet accompaniment.

4. Faith & Flower + Cliff’s Edge: You may be at a street food festival, but you can still get a little fancy. Both Faith & Flower and Cliff’s Edge know how to elevate your average plate of food or craft cocktail, so snag something from each. Pinkies up!

5. Howlin’ Rays + Goose Island: Howlin’ Rays is a newcomer to the food truck scene, but they’ve already blown everyone away with their authentic Nashville hot chicken. And when we say hot, we mean HOT, so stop by the Goose Island beer stall for some liquid relief.

6. Fritzi Dog + Hache LA: Hot dogs and lemonade have summer written all over them, and these two vendors offer up the best in both categories. Grab a link at Fritzi before heading over to Hache LA, where you can find refreshing lemonade and ice teas.

7. Nong Lá + Singha: We’re pretty sure that whatever Nong Lá decides to serve at the festival is going to be delicious. The food that comes out of this Vietnamese cafe is bursting with flavor, and some chilled Singha beer to wash it down would be tops.

8. Kaya St Kitchen + Press Brothers: Fresh, Southeast Asian-inspired dishes are what drive Kaya St Kitchen, and with a vegetarian-friendly menu you might be tempted to keep your drink on the healthy side, too. Pair your dish with juice from Press Brothers, fulfilling your daily requirements for both fruit and veggies.

9. Donut Friend + Home Brewed Bar: Uh, have we told you about our love for Donut Friend’s Jets to Basil? Even if they don’t have that particular donut at the fest, all of their treats are worth a sample. LA Street Food Fest is bringing back the iced coffee and donuts lounge this year, so you can pick up a refreshing cup of iced coffee from Home Brewed Bar to pair with your donut.

10. Salt & Straw + well, nothing: Because ice cream doesn’t need a beverage, and because Salt & Straw ice cream especially doesn’t need anything to mask its creamy, delicious scoops.

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