Louisville, KY: What the truck? – No Fork In Way

No Fork In Way is a new food truck in southern Indiana operated by chef Rob Comings. (Photo: Rob Comings)

By Jere Downs  |  The Courier-Journal

No Fork In Way is a new food truck in southern Indiana operated by chef Rob Comings. (Photo: Rob Comings)
No Fork In Way is a new food truck in southern Indiana operated by chef Rob Comings.
(Photo: Rob Comings)

Question: What is your story?

Answer: “Southern Food” and BBQ is our specialty. That “Southern” category includes fish tacos, as in Southern California. Most everything is homemade from scratch. If I had room for an oven in my truck, I would make the buns, too. We opened this spring and the food truck is owned by chef Robert Comings.

Q: What food do you serve?

A: Popular items include “Tri Tip Tacos,” crab cake sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, mac n cheese with bacon, fish and chips, a local charcuterie and cheese plate, pork sliders, and a blackened shrimp quesadilla. A weekend item is the St. Louis Rib Special, “Q Nachos with BBQ shrimp, pork or tri tip.” We also have fresh homemade corn chowder, a blackened ahi tuna sandwich, and a Baja beer battered fish taco. The pulled pork sandwich, the tri tip taco, and the crab cake sandwich are the most popular.

Q: How do people find you?

A: We print menus and word of mouth, but we are also on Facebook, Twitter and available by phone. I am on Yelp finally, but keeping up with social media while running the truck is a pain. I should be more savvy, but word of mouth has always done me good.

Q: What are the biggest rewards of serving food from a truck?

A: The freedom to cook whatever I want and whatever is freshest. I like the freedom from big corporations and hotels destroying the dining world. I also love meeting super cool local customers who actually have a passion for food. From scratch cooking to fans to our ever changing menu, I enjoy it all.

Q: What’s your beef?

A: Bad weather and the government, as well as a news report that fabricated a story about how dirty food trucks are. Give that twit the ax.

Q: Which food truck inspires you?

A: Anybody who is unique and not just out to make an extra buck but wants to bring good quality food to the area. I think that Korean guy in Los Angeles (Kogi) is cool but have not had much around here. I’ve been too busy!

Q: How can Louisville grow its food truck culture?

A: Get the government out of the way. If restaurant owners have a problem, join the revolution and drive down the commercial rents.

Q: What is your mission?

A: I love good food and where I live (Brandenburg, Ky.), there is none, especially since I returned to the U.S. from a nine-year hiatus in Australia. I think the overall food quality has actually gone down. Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of new great options, but many suck, plain and simple. That being said, there are some great new options dining wise here.

No Fork In Way

Follow @NoForkInWay on Twitter, at www.thenoforkinway.com, or on Facebook. You can also contact owner Rob Comings at (270) 980-2009, or at robcomings@gmail.com. Most days, you can find the truck in Jeffersonville, Ind. near Spring and Market Streets. You can also find Louisville area food trucks in real time at www.FoodTruckLouisville.com