Lowell, MA: Someone is Kickstarting An EDM Food Truck

By Reporter  |  Stoney Roads


We knew it was only a matter of time before someone in America attempted to raise money for an EDM food truck on Kickstarter.

Four friends from Massachusetts -Phil Fazioli, Billy Webster, Christina Rohrbacher, and Chris Najem – are hoping to make their dream into a reality, by fundraising $11, 000 and purchasing a food truck that they have already named the ‘Electric Dance Munchies’.

Their plan (simple enough) is to have a solar-powered truck serving hot and cold sandwiches, healthy and revitalising smoothies (which we can all agree is very important before AND after a night out on the town, where you exhaust all energy levels over the course of the night), and the ever so important and practical rave gear.

Honestly, this is all an EDM fan could dream of in one spot, right?

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