Miami: Food Trucks Feeding The Hungry Masses For Less


MIAMI ( – There’s a tasty trend sweeping South Florida, dining by food truck. Owners of the trucks say it started in Miami in 2009 with just a few vehicles. Now, there are more than 60 food trucks selling meals on wheels.

“The food that I get here is so much better than most places I go to,” said John Berea, who follows his favorite trucks all over town.

That’s sentiment is shared by most of those who can’t wait for the food truck to arrive. The website Food Trucks Miami sent CBS4’s Kara Kostanich to the top trucks for local foodies: Latin Burger and Taco; The Fish Box; Dim Sam A Go-Go; and for the sweet tooth – Sugar Rush.

“It’s not your old style roach coach,” said Richard Hales, owner of a Korean BBQ called Dim Sam A Go-Go. “These are really restaurants on wheels.”

Many truck owners use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to tell people where and when to find the truck. In no time, people are lined up for a quick and tasty meal.

“We normally start posting about 5:30 in the morning then we start going all day long from there,” said Jim Heins, who owns Latin Burger and Taco.

Fans said many trucks offer gourmet meals for less you would pay dinning in a restaurant. Whether you like savory, spicy or sweet, one thing’s for sure; there’s divine delight in dining diversely.

“It’s a different thing to go with your family; it’s something new,” said food truck fan Bruna Moreno.