Miami: Giuseppe’s Italian Sausage Truck Talks

By Liz Tracy |


It’s hard not to love sausage and peppers. Even vegetarians drool a little when they pass peppers sweating on the grill, even if they’re next to links of savory meat.

Owner of mobile unit Giuseppe’s Italian Sausage, Joseph Messina knows his sausages. A New York native of Sicilian descent, Messina began working in the business of grilled meat at his uncle’s sausage trailer before he was old enough to vote, visiting festivals around the Big Apple. He arrived in Florida in 1995 and has recently become a regular on the Miami food truck scene. Short Order asked Messina about the chow he slings.

New Times: What’s your favorite kind of sausage?

Joseph Messina: My favorite kind of sausage is my hot, spicy sausage. I put spicy brown mustard on it too. It’s amazing!

What makes your sausages good?

We ship our sausage down directly from New York, ’cause you can’t get anything close to it around here. Also, it’s the secret recipe in the peppers and onions, as well, that makes our hero so delicious.

Why’d you start a mobile food unit here?

I didn’t want the traditional Italian restaurant/deli sausage that you can find in any commercial food store. There isn’t one place down here in South Florida that sells a “real” New York Italian sausage hero. So instead of making you drive to us, we decided to come to you.