Miami: New Food Truck Hits South Florida – Truckin’ Good Pizza

Truckin Good Pizza

By Jamie Long | Broward Palm Beach Times

Truckin Good Pizza

A new food truck has hit the roads of South Florida, Truckin’ Good Pizza. It’s not the typical food truck we are used to seeing around town but instead an Italian-imported brick oven hauled behind a Ford F350.

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Owner Nick Thompson uses the 900-degree oven (fueled by bio-diesel) to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza, complying with the Vera Pizza Napolitano (VPN). Thompson is serious about his product and uses organic ingredients imported from Italy. His efforts don’t stop there; he uses wheat flour, fresh natural yeast, and even water from New York!

Truckin’ Good Pizza features five selections on its menu, beginning with a classic tomato pie with Romano cheese to a meatball pizza with ricotta and Romano cheeses and ending with a unique torta bianca with spinach, mushroom, and Gorgonzola cheese.

Go to Truckin’ Good Pizza’s Facebook page to find out where the mammoth oven will be truckin’ next.