Miami: Tamiami Truckers Food Court Tonight at Lexus of West Kendall

Kevin Gleizes

By Laine Doss |

Kevin Gleizes

If you think food truck roundups are a passing craze, take a drive over to the Tamiami Truckers Food Court tomorrow evening and see for yourself the future for food trucks in Miami. It looks freaking peachy keen.

More than 40 food trucks will converge on the Lexus of West Kendall parking lot at 13750 SW 136th Street, according to organizer and Caza Crepes owner Kevin Gleizes. Not only will just about every food truck known to South Florida be there, there will be live entertainment, ample parking and lots of new cars to buy, should you be so inclined after a few fish tacos.

“There were 3,400 cars last week,” Owen Bass from Slow Food Truck said. “It’s crazy. People set up coolers and tables.”

Organizer Kevin Gleizes reached out to other food trucks to combine efforts and set up at one specific space en masse. The result is a weekly event that’s more carnival than parking lot gathering (but with better food). Nineteen trucks started the Tamiami Truckers Food Court and in about three months, the Tamiami Truckers Food Court grew to about 40 trucks — one of the largest food truck roundups in the country.

What trucks will be at the Tamiami Truckers Food Court? “You see all these trucks? These and more. Every truck in Miami will be there,” Gleizes said. This means your favorite trucks will be there including Ms. Cheezious, Caza Crepes, La Camaronera’s Fish Box, Latin House Grill, Slow Food Truck, Cheeseme, The Rolling Stove, Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers and more.

The trucks will be parked tomorrow night and every Friday night from 6 to 11 p.m. at Lexus of West Kendall. Plan to come early and bring cash, because most food trucks don’t take credit cards.