MIAMI – Tamiami Truckers Food Court

By Meli |

Some of Miami’s best food trucks decided to pay West Kendall a visit once more this past Friday as part of the now weekly, Tamiami Trucks Food Court. As you all know, I attended the event last week, but I forgot to bring my trusty camera (blasphemy). This time, I made sure it was packed in my purse before heading out the door so I could share the yums with all of you out there in the blogosphere.

There weren’t quite as many trucks this time around, but felt like there were double the attendees! I was happy to see that friends had carpooled from Broward in order to attend the event, as our poor little West Kendall hood usually doesn’t get the attention it really should (I happen to love my neighborhood). Due to this, the lines were pretty epic. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities to have to wait an hour plus to get a burger, but in my case, it was well worth it.

My first stop was Dos Lokos. My hubs had tried them last week and could not stop raving for days. The fact that their Super Loko burger boasted a fried egg (amongst other goodies) sealed the deal. This burger was going in my belly. And that was a fact. After quite the hellacious line (I guess news travels fast), I finally got my dirty paws on my (altered) Super Loko. It was all sorts of wonderful. The multiple patties, the crumbled chips, that delicious fried egg. It was heaven. I’m currently stalking them on Twitter because I doubt I’ll have the willpower to wait for these weekly events. I bow down to you, Dos Lokos!

When I spotted the Latin House Grill truck, my mouth literally began salivating just imagining the thought of a Chuchi bowl. Unfortunately, I went straight over after this burger only to discover that they weren’t carrying any Chuchi bowls, only stalker boxes. Boo! No worries, my stomach was on a mission, and it decided upon the tried and true Dim Ssam a Gogo from the good folks at Sakaya Kitchen. I ordered myself some pork buns (always makes me chuckle), and as usual, they were deliciously spicy.

I wish there was more variety this week, I had tried a lot of the trucks that were there and was looking for something new. Also, where has Yellow Submarine been hiding? They’ve been noticeably absent every week! Here’s hoping that next week will deliver.

If you are interested in attending this Friday’s food court, here’s the information:

Friday, January 21st @ 6pm – 10pm
12975 SW 137th Avenue
Miami, FL 33186