MIAMI: The Demise of the GFTA

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The GFTA is done. There’s probably 2 questions you’re asking yourself: 1) Who is the GFTA and/or 2) How does it affect me as a fan of the Street Food scene in South Florida.

The GFTA (Gourmet Food Truck Association) was a group of folks who claimed to be committed to the “better-ment” of the SFL Street Food Scene. They appeared out of nowhere at one of the 1st Miami Street Food Courts in November passing out their propaganda. A few folks saw right through them and decided to never be involved with them. I never took the kool-aid. They had no problem taking credit for events they were not involved with. And for the record, they were only responsible for the Pinecrest/Falls rally on Wednesdays, nothing else.

So how does it affect you? It doesn’t really affect you to be honest with you. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the South Florida Street Food Scene is perfectly fine. All trucks will continue to operate and you can track them via their individual Facebook/Twitter pages or via the Burger Beast South Florida Street Food page.

One last thing, it would make sense to clear up who is responsible for each event and give them their proper credit:

Tuesday: The original Miami Street Food Court took place on 65th and Bird Road on a Tuesday. It was an idea Tania from Food Cart USA had with the Dim Ssam a Gogo, The Fish Box and Latin Burger folks. I was brought in at some point to help co-ordinate the festivities. It was successful and ended up spawning all the courts that have come along. It operated mostly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It was disbanded when Miami Dade County showed up on 2 consecutive days and gave warnings to the trucks parked. If they returned, they were to be given a $500 minimum fine.

The BTTR (Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-Up) was created by Jack from Jefe’s. It was thought to have been created as rival to the Miami Street Food Court but Jack just wanted to get all the trucks in on the action. It is the über successful event that took the Street Food Court thing to another level.

Thursday: A new Miami Street Food Court took place this past Thursday at 47th and Biscayne Blvd (right behind the Publix). It was actually put together to debut the Burger Beast truck but it seems as if will become a regular thing. Brian from Ms. Cheezious is putting this bad boy together.

Friday: Street Food Fridays is an event sponsored by the Miami Herald and Burger Beast . It take places during lunch time and only on the first Friday of every month.

Friday: The Tamiami Truckers Food Court takes place in Kendall every Friday. It was idea that came about by Bill from Wing Commander and Kevin from Caza Crepes. Kevin from Caza Crepes is the organizer of the event and he’s doing an amazing job with it.

Saturday: Wynwood Truckers Meet Up was put together by Richard Hales (Sakaya Kitchen restaurant and Dim Ssam a Gogo truck). It had a very successful first event this past Saturday.

New trucks are showing up everyday and along with that, the need for new locations and Street Food Courts. The scene is going to continue to grow. In the end, the GFTA was never needed because it should have been run by the trucks all along. Remember, it’s always been by the trucks and for the people.

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