Miami: Women of the Food Truck Meetups

The girls of FEVERISH Miami!

By Daniel Treiman| Miami New Times
The restaurant industry has always been male-dominated, and the Miami food truck scene is no different. Luckily for all you guys hitting the next food truck meetup, there are some industrious females to distract you from your meal. Their businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple candy-covered fold-up table to the full-size mobile gelato dispensary. So check out these ladies at the next meetup — they make mobile dining look good.

1. The Yepes Sisters from Dolci Peccati

This identical-twin duo, whose truck hit the road last November, is known for some of the best gelato in town, and the ladies are “melting to meet you.” Nati — the GM and head ice-cream maker — makes their goods from scratch daily and then hits the pavement to provide the masses with her rotating list of unique flavors. When sis Stefanie joins her on the road, you’ll think you’re seeing double, and saying no to gelato at that point is damn near impossible. Just don’t get them confused — they don’t like that.


2. The Candygirls

We spotted these lovely ladies last week at the Wynwood art walk meetup and were certainly intrigued by their seclection of old-school sweets. Based out of a kiosk in the Shops at Midtown near Sakaya Kitchen, Candygirl is the creation of Marissa Gould (right), a model-turned-sweets-saleswoman, who was inspired by Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. This is your go-to spot for a bubblegum cigar or gummy pizza.


3. Giselle Pinto from Sugar Yummy Mama

Hidden inside the Sugar Yummy Mama van is the yummy mama herself, slinging cupcakes and cake pops from the safety of her bright-pink van. A former ad exec, Giselle Pinto quit her job to design her truck. Soon after, however, she was offered a job improving the food at several Washington, D.C. schools, which ironically deprived us of her sugar-filled desserts for a bit longer. She finally came to her senses and headed to Miami to seduce us with her sweet treats.


4. Felicia Hatcher and the girls of Feverish

One of the original mobile food businesses, Feverish has been hawking frozen treats since 2008. Owner Felicia Hatcher (center) went from a marketing job at Nintendo to selling ice cream out of a tricycle, but over time the business grew to include the carts and trademark green Scion you see now. Felicia is surrounded by her crew of attractive popsicle-pushers, hellbent on getting a Fever Pop into the mouth of every sugar-deprived Miamian.


5. Ms. Cheezious

We couldn’t end a list of food truck females without mentioning the hottest 2-D trucker around. Ms. Cheezious clearly isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with a gooey grilled cheese, which clearly has had no ill effect on her figure. A special shoutout also goes to the truck’s co-owner Fatima, who’s a bona fide female trucker in her own right; we just didn’t want any beef with Mr. Cheezious.