Miami’s Pioneer Food Truck, Latin Burger, Teams Up With Miami’s Oldest Bar, Tobacco Road

Latin Burger will be out at Cooper City this Sunday.


The latest twist in the food truck phenomenon has taken an unexpected turn, in the opposite way. Most look at the ‘slow food’ trucks as either a restaurant that took to the streets, or a startup that opted to avoid the hassles of traditional brick & mortar businesses. But just as Colonel Sanders did in the 1950’s, the burger that made a name for itself sold out of a truck, has now been adapted to be served by the first bar & restaurant to ever open in Miami, Tobacco Road at 626 S. Miami Avenue in Brickell.

Latin Burger will be out at Cooper City this Sunday.

Patrick Gleber co-owner of the legendary Tobacco Roadannounced today that they have inked a partnership with Jim Heins of Latin Burger & Taco, one of the first food trucks to hit Miami. Tobacco Road, known for their own selection of award winning burgers, has now begun to serve the same Latin Burger that foodies have been chasing around Miami to enjoy truckside. Featuring the identical signature combination of meets, unique toppings; all the way down to the half-wrapped paper food truck style presentation, the Latin Burger of Tobacco Road will be the very same as those found on 4 wheels.

“We know a good thing when we see it; we’re thrilled to add the Latin Burger to our menu of famed burgers,” said Gleber. “Since Jim’s trucks are always on the move, we’re pretty confident the dining public will appreciate knowing a place where they can go from Noon – 1:30am and get the same amazing burger.”

“We’re honored that Miami’s oldest bar & restaurant is such a fan of our burger that they’ve agreed to add it to their menu!” said Heins. “We never planned to take the Latin Burger off the truck, but this might just be the next movement – into more restaurants, and who knows, maybe the Latin Burger will soon be on the shelf of your grocers freezer!”

About Tobacco Road
Considered Miami’s Oldest Bar, opened in 1912, The Road has survived several Miami land booms, Al Capone, Prohibition, the Great Depression, the country at War, deadly hurricanes, Mariel Boatlift, race-riots, cocaine cowboys, and the rise and fall and rise of South Beach. The Road has been a speakeasy, gambling den, gay bar, strip joint and blues bar. The two-story structure remains virtually unchanged since its inception in the early 1900s. And while ownership has changed, the primary purpose of the establishment – a neighborhood watering hole – has always been the same. Tobacco Road features an amazing menu of house-smoked specialties, award-winning burgers and cuisine that goes way beyond bar food. The tobacco Road kitchen is open daily from Noon to 1:30am.

About Latin Burger
The mission of Latin Burger and Taco is to serve the South Florida community the best gourmet burgers and tacos using fresh, premium ingredients prepared in a state-of-the art mobile kitchen. As the brainchild of entrepreneur Jim Heins, Latin Burger and Taco is one of the pioneer gourmet food trucks in Miami. The menu, developed by Heins and others includes a signature “Latin Burger,” pulled pork sandwich and taco, chicken tomatillo, and chicken mole tacos. As opposed to conventional food related businesses, Latin Burger and Taco also has the distinction of principally conducting their main advertising and communications through social media. These strategies include utilizing Facebook and Twitter as a way to communicate to their customers their location and special offers.