MIHO’s Second Truck – Proof They & Gastrotruck Movement’s on a Roll

By Brandon Hernández | SanDiegoReader.com

One of the first gourmet food trucks to hit the road in San Diego, the MIHO Gastrotruck has been plugging away for over a year now. The road hasn’t been easy, but they’ve racked up a cult following along the way (a contingency fondly referred to as HOMIs), enough so that owners Juna Miron and Kevin Ho were recently able to purchase a second truck to expand their reach to mobile gastronomy fans across San Diego County. I flagged them down in-between their daily rounds and asked them some questions about their new ride and the route they’re charting for their business.

How will having the second truck effect how you do business? The second truck will allow us to grow our operation and serve our North County HOMIs, who have been very patient. We can’t wait to get up there. We will also expand the catering side of our business as well as continue to be involved in more collaborations with bars, breweries, art galleries and like-minded neighborhood-oriented businesses.

What type of cuisine will the second truck offer? Both trucks will offer the same menu and continue with our philosophy of “farm to street” cuisine. Once in a while, though, we will throw a few surprise dishes out there that you will only be able to find at a certain truck.

Remembering how much MIHO truck numero uno broke down, were you able to get a vehicle that’s more reliable this time around? How could we forget! We are always striving to improve every aspect of our business and upgrading with a newer truck was a goal we accomplished. Don’t get me wrong. We have much respect and love our old truck, “Lupita.” It’s still our team’s favorite [vehicle] to do service off of.

Will either truck have a more regulated schedule while the other roams? Both trucks will have a set schedule at locations that will not change. HOMIs love consistency and it helps build a strong following. Sometimes HOMIs will say to us, “I didn’t want to come to work today, but I realized it was MIHO day, so I did!” Hearing that is so humbling and rewarding.

What successes have allowed you to purchase another truck? The loyal support of our HOMIs, our growing catering business and our diligent focus on our expansion plan are all key factors to our ongoing growth.

What do you see as the next step for your business? We are focusing on catering. This past year, we have done corporate lunches, fundraisers, bar mitzvah’s, quinceañeras, rehearsal dinners and weddings, among others. We want to continue to offer catering not only off the truck but on-site and bring a much more intimate experience.