Milford, CT: New Milford Food Ordinance Makes Way for Food Trucks

By Contributor  |  i95 The Home od Rock’N’Roll

According to the CT Post The New Milford Town Council approved a new ordinance allowing businesses to set up food trucks on their lawns on Monday. The ordinance allows the trucks to be there “on a regular basis.” It was the Housatonic Brewing Company that started the dialogue with Town for the food trucks.Prior to the ordinance passing the Town Council, food trucks on private properties were not permitted more than four times a year.

You did it New Milford, welcome to the new way America prefers to eat. It used to be that if you wanted respect in the food world you had to open a restaurant. You would lease a space you could not afford, open a restaurant, friends would bring you dollar bills, you would frame them, you’d make enough to stay open for a year and then you would close in shame. You would then, inevitably break into the frames you made for the dollar bills and live on those for a while.

The food world is all trucks now, you don’t need a restaurant to start a food business, you just buy a truck. Consumers are loving it too, they can’t get enough of the food truck. Maybe it’s more exciting because we never know if the vendor will take our order and money and just drive away?

I actually love food trucks, I just don’t know why. Maybe it’s something about standing in direct sunlight, in line, waiting for food I’m not sure is good, with strangers. Maybe it’s the anxiety I get, knowing all the food will be on my clothes afterwards because there is no proper place to sit. Maybe it’s the environmentally conscious napkins that give you a free straight razor shave.

What we really need to worry about is what these trucks were up to before they were transformed into rolling kitchens. It does not take a lot to imagine these food trucks with airbrush art on the side. You know, like a mountain top dragon giving birth to an elf with a wizard waving a staff in the foreground. The driver’s name was Chip and he would just drive this van around music festivals.

Best not think too deeply on this one. We can just move on knowing full well we now have the luxury to stand and eat our food from a paper dish outdoors. Who needs a chair, air conditioning or a server? This is the way it was meant to be.